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We are HYDROLYSED COLLAGEN specialists, and we are pleased to offer a range of products based on this protein to both companies and consumers.

Our products
Food Ingredient in industrial packaging:
Food supplements in consumer’s packaging. Hydrolysed collagen enriched with other nutrients. Two types:

is a high quality powdered hydrolysed collagen (bioactive collagen peptides) 

It is an ingredient widely used on the production of functional foods and food supplements, where it provides collagen’s health properties.
It is a highly valuable product for industries since, besides its proven health properties, it is:

  • Natural in origin and process
  • Safe: has a long history of use in foods
  • Compatible with all kind of food, medicines or supplements
  • Easy usage: it is totally soluble and it barely modifies the physical and organoleptic characteristics of food or supplements where it is incorporated
  • Nonallergenic: it does not produce allergies
  • Without adverse side effects
  • Noncaloric: at the recommended dose of 10 g/day provides very few calories (40 Kcal/day)

See more information about the product on the COLPROPUR D® website.

is a natural food ingredient that provides calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P) and bioactive collagen peptides, in an assimilable and balanced way

Food ingredient in powder, formed by the union of bone tricalcium phosphate (hydroxyapatite) with bioactive collagen peptides. A natural and assimilable nutrient that provides collagen, phosphorous and calcium in the appropriate proportion to facilitate bone regeneration, which makes it an effective aid to prevent and treat bone loss and bone decalcification (OSTEOPOROSIS).

Scientific studies support that PHOSCOLLAGEN is a very effective food aid to prevent and treat OSTEOPOROSIS (loss of bone mass and decalcification, generated over the years, non-painful, which causes more frequent fractures, especially in elders).

You can find more information about this product at Phoscollagen website.

is a range of food supplements in consumer’s packaging, whose main and major ingredient is Colpropur D® hydrolysed collagen.

There are three product families, depending on its application:

Physical maintenance To keep our body’s tissues where collagen is an essential component in optimal condition.

Reinforce To strengthen the collagen presence in the body tissues, delaying deterioration.

Specific needs To relieve pain and delaying the loss of collagen and its effects on certain group of consumers

For specific needs of a group of consumers

All varieties are sold in a monthly can that contains 300 grams of Colpropur D® hydrolysed collagen, for a dose of 10 daily grams of this active ingredient, combined with other ingredients.

You can find more information about our products at COLPROPUR website.

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If you are a representative of a food supplement company and wish to complete your catalogue with any of our Colpropur range, please contact us via e-mail at or phone at +34 972 49 23 20.

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